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Rightly Dividing End Times Signs, Armageddon Theory, and Bible Prophecy Symbolism vs Real Facts


Without eye witness evidence, all we have is a variety of bible prophecy theories on the subject of end times. At the end of all discussion, study and prayer, what one ends up believing in is the most plausible theory in one's own mind. That doesn't make it fact. It's still just theory. It is not logical to debate a theory with another theory, but we do this all the time. Anyone who has ever been sucked into a Pre-trib vs Mid-trib vs Post-trib debate will understand what I mean. We even go so far as to crown champion debaters by the level of knowledge they have about his or her own theory. How silly is that? Should a person win an argument because they knew more of their theory than the other debater knew about his, or because he shouted louder than his opponent? In the end, all theories are unprovable positions. That's why they're called theories. If they were proof, we'd call them facts.


Perhaps you'll agree that a neutral approach is the only appropriate thing to do when discussing bible prophecy theories and while all of them don't measure up to each other, they may all deserve some level of thoughtful consideration.


This is a list of today's bible prophecy topics that are often presented as end times facts:

Rapture, Tribulation, Battle of Armageddon, Pre-Trib, Post-Trib, Mid-Trib, Millennial reign, False Messiahs, The final Pope, The Antichrist, Dispensationalism, the Church age. Don't get me wrong, there are concepts listed here that are facts. There is a battle of Armageddon, false messiahs etc... but how they've been presented and explained has been all theory.


Here's a paraphrased example from the book that will show you an example of the fact correction included in it: (There are other facts in some of the blog articles on this website)

Location and etymology facts about the word 'Armageddon'. Here's what it really means.

We can read perfectly well that the battle of Armageddon happens in Revelation. That's a fact. However, the location of this battle in Hebrew is "Har-Magedon”. 'Har' means hill or mountain. 'Magedon' is a Hebrew word that means multiple generations of people living on the same spot (also called a Tell). Obviously Jerusalem fits this critera, not the Valley (that's the opposite of a Mountain or hill) of Megiddo. Since in Hebrew the ‘h’ is silent, the Greek rendering became “Armageddon”, mostly due to the unfortunate similarity between the words "Magedon" and "Megiddo". Thus the truth here is that the war would actually be fought on a hill or mountain top 'where also our Lord was crucified'. Many people have never before questioned why the Lord was crucified on a hill but Armageddon was supposed to happen in the valley nearby. Perhaps most people just thought that was close enough, but thankfully again and again the bible is more accurate than we give it credit for.


Interpretation error creeps into translations. Sometimes texts are misinterpreted due to having many English words to choose from. That doesn't mean the original text was flawed. We're the flawed ones.


Now it should be clear to you how a story can change when the facts are finally correct. Lots of theories still circulate that are related to the battle in Megiddo that shouldn't exist. They are fruit from a poisonous tree, to use a legal phrase.


Setting the facts free means that a new theory is born and it is an eye-popping theory!

What do you think the complete story will be when the text is finally made clear and the real facts have been revealed?


Here are some other bible prophecy and end times theory subjects covered:


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But this book is more than just simple fact correction.

There's also an arrangement of the content (New chapter and verses for one - a perfect 7 chapters) that gives you a better mental picture of what the story is overall. Finally, the average person will be able to see the connections made from the seals, to the trumpets to the bowls and how they work together. Overall, it's the full and complete story of the Revelation finally made clear!

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